WCSU Graduate Catalog 2020-21



John B. Clark President
President Senior Staff  
Missy Alexander Provost &Vice President for Academic Affairs
Keith Betts Vice President for Student Affairs 
Beatrice Fevry Chief Financial Officer
Luigi Marcone Chief Facilities Officer and Associate President for Campus Planning
Jay Murray  Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services 
Fred Cratty Chief Human Resources Officer
Lynne LeBarron Interim Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Jesenia Minier-Delgao Chief Diversity Officer
Walter E. Cramer Dean, Student Affairs
Academic Deans  
Michelle Brown Dean, Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences
Brian Vernon Dean, School of Visual and Performing Arts
Joan Palladino Interim Dean, School of Professional Studies
David Martin Dean, Ancell School of Business
Charles Alexander Director of Judicial Affairs
Scott Ames Associate Director of Athletics
Patricia Bartolo Assistant Payroll Coordinator
Nancy B. Barton Coordinator of Institutional Advancement
Tammie L. Battista Associate Director Accounts Payable
Sarah Baywood Payroll Coordinator
Helen Bechard Coordinator of University Events
Shealah Bethke Assistant to the Director/Resident Director for Housing and Residence Life
Esther Boriss Associate Director of Administrative Services
Lynn Bricker Budget Analyst
Jill Brooks Assistant to the Director of Housing and Residence Life
Bryan Brown Application Administrator
Elise Budnick Learning Commons Coordinator
Ivelisse Camacho Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Student Employment
Isabel Carvalho Director of Advisement Center
Mark Case Director of Administrative Services
Michael R. Chisholm Assistant Director of Facilities Scheduling and Promotions
Anthony Ciarleglio Director of Cooperative Education
Deanna Cibery-Schaab Director of Access Control and One-Card Services
Shona Cooper  Assistant to the Director of Housing and Residence Life
Jessica Coronel Assistant Director of Pre-Collegiate and Access Services 
Richard Corzo Programmer Specialist/Web Developer
Colleen Cox Instructional Design Coordinator
Maranda Cox Assistant to the Director of Housing and Residence Life
Thomas Crucitti Director of Alumni Relations
Jane S. Davis Assistant Director of Fiscal Affairs
Mary-Ann V. Dease Director of Financial Planning and Budgets
Daryle Dennis Assistant Dean of Office of Intercultural Student Affairs
John DeRosa Director of Information Systems
Rebecca Devine Debit Card Manager
Rebecca Ann Diot Learning Management System Administrator
Michael Eisensmith Telecommunications Analyst
Jason Esposito User Services Manager
Edward Farrington Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Amanda Favale Associate Director of Financial Aid and Student Employment
Lauren E. Feller Assistant Degree Auditor
Thomas Fuchs Programmer Specialist
Christian Gagnier Assistant Director of Media Services
Margaret Galtieri Server Support Specialist
Keith R. Gauvin Registrar
Mark Gegeny Associate Director of Campus and Student Centers
Edward G. Gleason, III Environmental Health & Safety Assistant
Thomas Grant Math Emporium and Clinic Coordinator
Allyson Greenwood Assistant Director of Academic Advisement
Maribeth Griffin Director of Housing and Residence Life for Programs and Staff
Sharon Guck Coordinator of Substance Abuse Programs
Ree LeBlanc Gunter  Director of Counseling Center
Nancy Haensch Director of Health Services
Renna Max Hamoy  Coordinator of Digital Platforms & Digital Strategist
Anna-Maria Heredia Assistant Director of Financial Aid and Student Employment
Sherri Hill Associate Director of Public Relations
Shalyn Hopley Assistant to the Director of Housing and Residence Life
Xavier Hudson  Assistant to the Director of Housing and Residence Life
Austin Huot Assistant Director of Facilities Scheduling
Gabrielle E. Jazwiecki Director of Grant Programs
Julianne Johnson Programmer Specialist
Veronica Kenausis Director of Library Services
Brian Kennison Library Systems Assistant
Deborah Kinnane Assistant Director of Planning and Engineering
Kevin Koschel Property Control and Mail Services Manager
Pano Koukopoulos Interim Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Steffanie Kruzan  Data Specialist 
Matthew Kuchta Veteran’s Affairs Coordinator
Nicole Kulberg Associate Director of Admissions-Transfer
Christine Laedke Assistant Director of Facilities Scheduling and Promotions
Vincent Lagano PC Maintenance Techician
Thomas D. LaPorta Assistant Director of Academic Advisement
Amanda Lasicki  Assistant to the Director of Housing and Residence Life 
Lynne LeBarron Director of Institutional Advancement
Brendan Leddy  Assistant Director of Facilities Operations 
Carlton Lee Associate Director of Admissions
Gary Lessor Assistant Director of Meteorological Studies and Weather Center
Dennis P. Leszko Director of Center for Student Involvement
Jessica Lin  Assistant Director of Kathwari Honors Program and Center for C. C. & I. 
Kathleen Lindenmayer Director of the Career Success Center
Aura Lippincott  Instructional Designer for Library Services 
Derek Ljongquist System Administrator
Paul Lukenovich PC Maintenance Techician
Kenneth S. Lynch Access Control and Security Specialist
Michael F. Lynch Telecommunications Manager
Debra Manenté Associate Director of Career Success Services
Ronald Mason Director of Housing and Residence Life
Lori R. Mazza Director of Intercollegiate Athletics
Mary Mazza Assistant Director of Fiscal Affairs-Fixed Assets
Brian Michaud Assistant Director of Target X CRM
Richard Molinelli Chemistry Technical Specialist
William Mooney Director of Systems, Infrastructure, and Telecommunications
Edward Mulvihill Associate Director of Operations of Housing and Residence Life
John Murphy Director of Facilities Scheduling and Promotions
Ellen Myhill Assistant Director of University Publications and Design
Carla J. Netto Associate Registrar, Degree Auditing and Graduation
Cassandra Nichols Assistant to the Director of Housing and Residence Life
Raymond O’Brien, III Customer Support Center Coordinator
Michael Olson PC Maintenance Technician
Patricia O’Neill Infrastructure Services Manager
Jorge Osorio, Jr. Director of Admissions
Michael Palica Events Fiscal Assistant
Paula Paolino Bursar
Richard Parmalee Information Security Officer
Laura Piechota Musical Arts Assistant
Mark Pisano Server Specialist
Robert A. Pote, Jr. Director of Precollegiate and Access Services
Mark Poulin, Jr. PC Maintenance Technician
Shannon Pranger Laboratory and Clinical Coordinator
Paul P. Prisco, Jr. Student Information System Banner/ERP Specialist
Peter Puccio Assistant to the Director of Media Services
AnnMarie Puleo Assistant Director of Academic Advisement
Jason Rizk Assistant Director of Advisement
Monica Rivera Assistant to the Director of Financial Aid and Student Employment
Ethaline D. Rollins Network Security Specialist
Peter Rosa, III Interim Director/Controller
Annmarie Savarese Assistant Director of Recruitment & Events
Christopher A. Shankle Director of Graduate Studies
Amy Shanks Associate Director Intercollegiate Athletics
Jeff Shpunt Manager of Digital Strategy & Communications
Cory Silver Assistant to the Director of Facilities Scheduling and Promotions
Paul M. Simon Director of Campus and Student Centers
Michael L. Spremulli Interim Director of Facilities
Juan C. Stein-Obreros Developmental Database Administrator
Melissa Stephens Director of Financial Aid and Student Employment
Peggy Stewart Graphic Designer/Photographer
Lisa Scully  CSU Administrative Assistant 
Jeff Talbot Director University Publications and Design
Erica Thompson  Assistant Bursar-Cash Management  
Albert Trimpert Athletic Equipment Manager
Stephen P. Veillette IT Operations & Communications Coordinator
Maria Veilleux  Finance Assistant for Institutional Advancement 
Peter J. Visentin Director of Facilities Planning and Engineering
Scott Volpe Associate Director of Media Services and Instructional Technology
Donna M. Warner  Coordinator of International Services 
Elisabeth Werling Director of AccessAbilitiy Services
Jerome Wilcox Director of Institutional Research and Assessment
Rebecca Woodward Director of Media Services and Academic Computing
Joanne Zanella  Registered Nurse 
Jennifer Zdziarski Associate Registrar, Scheduling Officer