WCSU Graduate Catalog 2020-21 : ANCELL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS

Management Information Systems

MIS 512 Essentials of Management Information Systems    1 SH

This course provides a brief intensive introduction to Management Information Systems for MBA and MHA students. The subject matter includes information systems fundamentals necessary to operate effectively in a computerized business environment, and an overview of the components, operations, and role of information systems in business environments. Major concepts and recent developments in computer hardware, software, telecommunications, and database management technologies are presented, and the strategic, global, and ethical dimensions of information systems are discussed. Prerequisite: required online class

MIS 516 Information Analysis    3 SH

This course explores the ways in which major systems develop concepts, tools, and methods that help managers perform their roles more effectively and efficiently. Both technical and conceptual tools for designing and implementing information systems will be discussed. Students will also apply theories and concepts to industry-oriented application problems. The role of the manager in systems development will also be emphasized. Prerequisite: MIS 155, MIS 260 or MIS 512

MIS 598 Faculty-Developed Study

This experimental course is offered by the MIS Department as a means of determining its value to the total department program or in response to a particular request from a group of students.

MIS 599 Student-Developed Study

This vehicle is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to develop his/her own learning experience. A student will design a project and secure a faculty sponsor. This vehicle may be utilized more than once. Prerequisite: written permission of faculty sponsor and department. Registration through the Office of Graduate Admissions is required.