WCSU Graduate Catalog 2020-21 : ANCELL SCHOOL OF BUSINESS



MGT 501 Organizational Behavior    3 SH

This course explores the behavior of individuals and their groups within goal-seeking organizations. Topics include conflict, group dynamics, leadership, decision making, authority and power, communication and organizational change, and development. The focus is on groups and their functioning within the organization.

MGT 504 Essentials of Operations Management    1 SH

This course provides basic definitions of operations management terms, tools and techniques for analyzing operations, and strategies context for making operational decisions in manufacturing and services operations.

MGT 505 Essentials of Organizational Behavior     1 SH

This course addresses essential concepts in Organizational Behavior at the individual, group, and organizational levels. Special emphasis is placed on applying theory to managerial problems and developing an appreciation for the importance of human behavior in a range of organizations.

MGT 506 Strategic Management    3 SH

This course focuses on the problems in managing organizations effectively in their competitive environments. The purpose, processes, and concepts of strategic management are examined and developed by case work on all phases of strategy formulation and implementation. Prerequisite: ACC 507, FIN 560, & MKT 534.

MGT 521 Strategic Integration of Operations    3 SH

Manufacturing and operations strategy emphasizes the concept of operations as a source of competitive advantage. A competitive advantage can accrue through superior product development, cost, quality, features, etc. Strategic decisions in operations about capacity, vertical integration, processes, sourcing, inventory, supply chain and other areas all significantly affect what the business brings to the marketplace. This course provides a framework to formulate an operations strategy and evaluate the key decisions in operations that have a substantial impact on a firm’s competitive position. The course will also examine today’s critical strategic issues such as outsourcing and globalization. The class will be divided into three parts: (1) Basic concepts of Operations Strategy, (2) Key elements and decisions in Operations and Supply Chain strategy, (3) Business Process Improvement and Implementation. Prerequisite: MGT 320 Operations Management or MGT 504 Essentials of Operations Management or equivalent.

MGT 525 Managing Public Organizations    3 SH

This course is an examination of the internal and external environments of public agencies and the applications of the principles of public administration within those environments.

MGT 526 Public Financial Management    3 SH

This course is an examination of the principles of the economics of public finance and of budgeting. Students will understand the environment of public finance and master analytic tools to improve their understanding of the subject.

MGT 530 Leadership    3 SH

This course focuses on the competencies that the latest research has identified as essential to effective leadership, such as providing vision, creating and managing change, risk taking, sensing the environment, developing crisis management skills, and maximizing human resources. Utilizing readings from history, literature, video, and the latest business books, this course will challenge students to identify successful leadership competencies and to examine and develop their own leadership skills. Prerequisite: Undergraduate courses in Organizational Behavior or MGT 505 Essentials of Organizational Behavior or equivalent.

MGT 544 Negotiations and Conflict Resolution     3 SH

This course deals with negotiations and conflict resolution as a means by which to achieve goals within organizations. Students are provided with strategies and tactics to aid in solving problems of power. While a significant element of the course deals with theory, the bulk of time is spent dealing with practical exercises in order to improve the actual skills of the student.

MGT 547 Human-Resource Management    3 SH

This course focuses on the development and maintenance of effective personnel policy in the modern organization. Topics include methods and techniques of job analysis, manpower planning, recruitment and selection, training and development, compensation, performance appraisal and legal guidelines, and compliance requirements. Application of human-resource management toward achieving overall organizational goals is stressed.

MGT 580 Health Delivery Systems    3 SH

This course offers a general overview of health systems, with particular focus on the American health system, including its history and development and forces affecting its roles and functions. Interaction between components and contemporary issues and trends are addressed. Analytic methods for assessing and improving systems are discussed.

MGT 581 Health-Services Financial Management    3 SH

This course focuses on analysis of budget development by type of health-services agency. Third-party reimbursement, short-term and long-term capital financing, cash flow, sources of revenue, cost effectiveness, and cost containment are studied. Topics are addressed through a study of concepts, tools and techniques. Prerequisite: MGT 580 or MGT 582.

MGT 582 Managing Health-Services Organizations    3 SH

An overview of the practices and procedures used to manage health-services organizations, including the organizational structure, the roles and functions of various constituencies, and the planning, control, and communication systems. The skills for effective managerial leadership and management of conflict and change are also examined.

MGT 583 Continuum of Gerontological Services    3 SH

This course describes the continuum of long-tern care and the basic need for health wellness and prevention services’ integration and financing. The different programs to care for older persons in hospitals, hospices, housing arrangement, and the home are reviewed. Adult day care, HMOs, PACE, and integrated delivery systems are introduced. The various caregivers, living arrangements, care, and the need to protect older persons from abuse, neglect, and victimization are emphasized. Corequisite: PSY 580.

MGT 584 Long-Term Care Administration    3 SH

This course addresses long-term care policy, particularly for the elderly, and includes definitions, goals, targets for care, organization (including home-based versus institutional care), quality assurance, personnel, family roles, financing and payment mechanisms, and the relationship between long-term care, acute care, and housing. Prerequisites: MGT 580 or MGT 582.

MGT 585 Health Services Quality Tools    1.5 SH

This course examines  a range of tools for managing quality and their application within health services organizations. Prerequisites: MGT 580 or MGT 582.

MGT 586 Health-Services Marketing    3 SH

This course in marketing management for health services examines the problem of organizational response to consumer desires and needs in the context of a changing market for health services. Consumer behavior and development of marketing mix, product policy, and market strategy appropriate to various health-service institutions are covered. Prerequisites: MGT 580 or MGT 582.

MGT 587 Health-Services Law    3 SH

This is a study of the common and statutory laws affecting health-services agency operations. The role of the government in policy development and implementation through regulatory controls is studied. Prerequisite: MGT 580 or MGT 582.

MGT 588 Administrative Residency in Health Services Management    3-6 SH

This course provides administrative experiences in health services organizations. Students complete a residency in health services management within an appropriate organization. This course may involve a significant amount of time at the site of the residency and this time could be during the usual work day. Prerequisite: MGT 580 or MGT 582.

MGT 589 Health Services Information Technology and Innovation    1.5 SH

This course addresses information technology in health services with a special emphasis on information. Recent trends and innovations in information technology will also be highlighted. Prerequisite: MGT 580 or MGT 582.

MGT 591 Introduction to Health Policy    3 SH

This course focuses on the basic concepts of health policy including policy formulation, implementation and evaluation. The dynamics of policy-making are explored, including the role of interest-group politics, coalition building, and lobbying. Prerequisite: MGT 580 or MGT 582.

MGT 595 Strategic Managing for Health Services    3 SH

This course focuses on the application of management strategies in the health-services industries. The executive and managerial perspectives are both examined. Each student conducts an empirical or nonempirical project and submits a final report to be archived by the Ancell School of Business. Completion of this course fulfills the nonthesis requirement for the M.H.A. degree. Prerequisite: 18 SH completed in MHA program.

MGT 598 Faculty-Developed Study

This experimental course is offered by the Management Department as a means of determining its value to the total department program or in response to a particular request from a group of students.

MGT 599 Student-Developed Study

This vehicle is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to develop his/her own learning experience. A student will design a project and secure a faculty sponsor. This vehicle may be utilized more than one time. Prerequisite: written permission of faculty sponsor and department. Registration through the Office of Graduate Admissions is required.