WCSU Graduate Catalog 2020-21



Michelle Brown, Dean, WA 300 Phone: (203) 837-9400
Martha Palanzo, Administrative Assistant ,WA 300 Phone: (203) 837-9401
Secretary Phone: (203) 837-9402
Fax: (203) 837-8525


Biological and Environmental Sciences Chairperson Theodora Pinou, SB 242, (203) 837-8793
Chemistry Chairperson Russell Selzer, SB 334, (203) 837-8448 
Chemistry Associate Chairperson Paula Secondo, SB 339, (203) 837-8795
Communication and Media Arts  Co-Chairpersons Petkanas, William, HI 201H, (203) 837-8255 
  Lever-Mazzuto, Katie, HI 201H, (203) 837-8872
Computer Science Chairperson Daniel Coffman, WS 111, (203) 837-8746
English Chairperson Shouhua, Qi, BR 210F, (203) 837-9048
History & Non-Western Cultures Co-Chairpersons Joshua Rosenthal, WA 216, (203) 837-8449
Marcy May, WA 220, (203) 837-8481
Mathematics Chairperson Stavros Christofi, WH 321A, (203) 837-9351
Philosophy & Humanistic Studies Co-Chairperson Malavisi, Anna Maria, WH 021B, (203) 837-3271                 
  Usekes, Cigdem, WH 021C, (203) 837-3294
Physics, Astronomy & Meteorology Chairperson Rob Eisenson, SB 277, (203) 837-8989 
Physics, Astronomy & Meteorology Associate Chairperson Dennis Dawson, SB 278, (203) 837-8671              
Psychology Chairperson Daniel Barrett, WA 310, (203) 837-8869
Social Sciences Chairperson Bandhauer, Carina, WA 211, (203) 837-8650   
Social Sciences Associate Chairperson Hegel-Cantarella, WA 217, (203) 837-3914
World Languages and Literatures Chairperson Bakhtiarova, Galina, BR 218B, (203) 837-8734
Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Process Chairperson Brian Clements, WH 317B, (203) 837-8876


Mission and Objectives

The Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences offers Master of Arts degrees in history and mathematics and Master of Science degrees in  addiction studies and integrative biological diversity. The school also offers the Master of Fine Arts in Creative and Professional Writing.

In keeping with the state of Connecticut’s goals for higher education, the Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences, with its graduate programs, seeks to

  • enhance student learning and promote academic excellence.
  • join with elementary and secondary schools to improve teaching and learning at all levels.
  • ensure access to and affordability of higher education.
  • promote the economic development of the state to help business and industry sustain strong economic growth.
  • respond to the needs and problems of society.
  • ensure efficient use of resources.

The Macricostas School of Arts and Sciences plays a central role in the education of every student at the university. The school serves students of diverse interests and needs and from many different segments of the community. The arts and sciences faculty believe that teaching is an art. Their highest priority is to help students learn.

Graduate Programs

The Master of Arts (M.A.) degree programs at Western are designed to provide opportunities for the pursuit of advanced study in the fields of  history, and mathematics. Master of Arts programs provide in-depth study of a specific field for professional advancement, personal development, or preparation for further advanced study.

The Master of Fine Arts (M.F.A.) program is a performance-based program leading to the highest degree awarded in professional fields in the arts.

Master of Arts degree programs:



Master of Fine Arts in Creative and Professional Writing

Master of Science degree programs:

        Addiction Studies

Integrative Biological Diversity