ART 510 Art Colloquium    4-8 SH

This course offers an awareness of contemporary critical issues essential to the experience of a maturing artist. Exposure to a series of lectures/demonstrations by practicing professionals is an introduction to the awareness. Each visiting artist will deliver a slide lecture or demonstration on his or her work or will discuss a contemporary critical issue. Student attendance is mandatory.

ART 511 Graduate Studies in Art History
   3 SH

This course offers three semesters of advanced studies in global art history, art theory and critical thinking. Students will consider art within the context of its geographic, social and political history as well as conditions of gender, race and class. Over the span of three semesters, topics will include Western and non-Western historical and contemporary art, public art, social practices, craft, illustration, architecture, and interdisciplinary media, amongst others. This course consists of lectures, discussions, individual research and writings, culminating in a final research paper and oral presentation each semester. Required of all MFA students.

ART 512 Individual Introductory Graduate Studio in Area of Emphasis    3-6 SH

This introductory graduate-level studio experience will bring each student to an appropriate level of graduate work and create a consistent direction within the program. Building on undergraduate studio experience, each student will develop beginning graduate-level skills and concepts in an area of expertise. Regular critiques from faculty and visiting critics will be a significant aspect.

ART 520 Individual Applied Studio I
   3-6 SH

The studio courses, taken in sequence of escalating expectations, will allow each student to develop artistically at an appropriate pace that is agreed upon between the student and the faculty adviser. Each student will work independently in his or her own studio with weekly critiques by faculty. Emphasis is on development of personal direction in artistic development.

ART 521 Individual Applied Studio II
    6 SH

This is a continuation of ART 520. Students will continue to work independently to develop individual direction, thereby increasing standards of aesthetics and expertise. This course requires weekly critiques with faculty. Prerequisite: successful completion of ART 520.

ART 530 Advanced Individual Studio I    12-15 SH

Intense independent studio investigations bring the student toward a professional level of artistic maturation. Production of a significant body of work is mandatory. The course requires weekly critiques with faculty. Prerequisite: successful completion of ART 521.

ART 531 Advanced Individual Studio II    9 SH

This is the final course in independent sequence. Students will continue to produce significant quantities of ambitious work that display increasing expertise and creative maturity. Portfolio work must reflect a competitive professional level. The course requires weekly critiques with faculty. Prerequisite: successful completion of ART 530.

ART 580 Practicum Internship     3-6 SH

This course exposes students to professional artists working in studios and offers a hands-on experience in studio techniques. Students will intern in an appropriate professional studio for hands-on experience. This course is not mandatory for teaching assistants.

ART 581 Individual Introductory Graduate Studio in Related Area    3-6 SH

Expansion of areas of expertise leads to creative cross-fertilization between the students’ work and in their relationships with others. A secondary area of emphasis will increase the students’ artistic resources. Each student will be required to investigate a studio area parallel to his or her area of concentration. The course requires weekly critiques by faculty in chosen area.

ART 590 Thesis Exhibition    6 SH

This is the capstone of the M.F.A. program. Presentation of a graduate thesis exhibition is an integral part of the program. The thesis show is comparable to a thesis paper and should reflect the culmination of the student’s individual artistic efforts. Under the supervision of a faculty adviser, the student will develop and select work suitable for professional-level graduate exhibition, design appropriate publicity materials, presentations and installation of work, and mount and document the exhibition. The course requires weekly critiques by faculty adviser and visiting critics. Prerequisite: successful completion of all preceding courses except ART 531, which may be taken simultaneously.

ART 598 Faculty-Developed Course

This is an experimental course offered by the Art Department as a means of determining its value to the total program or in response to a particular request from a group of students.

ART 599 Student-Developed Study

This vehicle is designed to provide the student with an opportunity to develop his/her own learning experience. The student will design a project and secure a faculty sponsor. The vehicle may be utilized more than once. Prerequisite: written permission of the faculty sponsor and department. Registration through the Office of Graduate Admissions is required.