WCSU Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023

Digital Interactive Media

DIMA/CS 100 Introduction to Digital Interactive Media 3 SH
This course is an introduction in the use of text, sound, and graphical image as a platform for interactive digital experiences. Students will explore how digital technology is a conduit for relating with the self, each other, and society at large. Areas of discussion include digital identity, social media, automated text, sound-based storytelling, graphical space as well as various forms of digital interaction. Students will produce multiple projects, including zines, twitter bots, podcasts, and computer-generated graphics. The course will culminate with a concept driven final project.

DIMA 200 Storytelling for Digital and Interactive Media  3 SH
This course examines and applies foundations of design for new media technology and visual communications. Students will learn the creative process in digital imaging and interactive multimedia, such as linear vs. nonlinear storytelling, storyboarding, two-dimensional & three-dimensional imaging, color theory, lighting effects, web design, editing, and digital film/video. Emphasis will also be placed on concept development and pre-production, and learning the vernacular language in the digital media industry. Prerequisite: DIMA/CS 100 and COM 146.

DIMA 300 Digital and Interactive Technologies 3 SH
In this course, students will explore digital and interactive technologies through a process of practice and theory. Initially, the course will introduce technical procedures for creating presence within virtual spaces. Technologies to be covered may include photogrammetry, 3D modeling, game engine content creation or augmented/virtual reality. In addition to this practical exploration, students will conduct research and complete a comprehensive written project that is relevant to the field of digital and interactive media arts. The written project will satisfy the requirements of the W3 competency. Research topics may include posthumanism, digital persona, objectivity or art environments. Prerequisite: WRT 101, Writing Intensive Tier II (W2), DIMA 200 and junior standing. Competency: Writing Intensive Tier 3 (W3).

DIMA/COM 436  Senior Project and Presentation 3 SH
In this course, students will create an original capstone project that is the culmination, integration, and synthesis of their respective DIMA or Media Production learning experience. With the help of a faculty advisor, students will develop a production, project or portfolio that demonstrates their proficiency in an area of digital & interactive media arts or media production. The capstone requires students to engage in a comprehensive, three-stage approach towards project development. This process includes research, preparation, production, creative process, project completion, and distribution. A key method of capstone evaluation will include a juried review of senior productions. The capstone jury will be comprised of DIMA and/or media production faculty and may include professionals from other subject appropriate disciplines or media-based industries. All final productions, projects and portfolios must include research documentation. Prerequisite: Media Production Seniors in good standing in the major and DIMA 300 or COM 235. Competency: Culminating Experience (CE).