WCSU Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 : Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Earth Science

ES 103 Planet Earth 4 SH
This course is designed to acquaint the student with the study of Earth within the framework of the planets and stars, including investigations of the physical characteristics of Earth’s atmosphere and oceans and its surface activities and processes. These investigations will serve as a foundation for further study in earth science and for understanding the current frontiers of this science. Field work and observation are required. (3 hrs lecture — 2 hrs lab).

ES 110 Physical Geology 4 SH
This course will be devoted to the study of the basic principles and processes involved in the making of the outer crust of the Earth. In its initial phase the emphasis will be placed on the study of common rocks and minerals. Subsequent lecture, laboratory and field work will lend itself to the physiographic interpretation of topographic maps featuring a variety of landscapes in the United States. (3 hrs lecture — 2 hrs lab). Competency: Scientific Inquiry (SI).

ES 210 Introduction to Physical Oceanography 4 SH
This course describes the basic characteristics of the oceans such as the ocean basins and the large scale temperature and salinity distributions of seawater. Important physical processes are discussed including: interactions between the oceans and atmosphere, geostrophic and western boundary currents as well as the large-scale wind-driven and thermohaline circulations. Ocean phenomena from surface ocean waves to El Niño events to the effects of the oceans on global climate are also discussed. The laboratory session includes hands-on use of instrumentation as well as numerical models and data available on-line to understand the oceans (3 hrs lecture — 2 hrs lab). Prerequisite/Corequisite: CS 140 or CS 143 and MAT 181 or equivalent and PHY 111.

ES 298 Faculty Developed Study 1–6 SH

ES 299 Student Developed Study 1–6 SH

ES/ED 385 Methods of Teaching in the Secondary Schools 3 SH
See ED/ES 385.

ES/ED 386 Secondary Education Professional Development School Experience 1 SH
See ED/ES 386.

ES/ED 442 Teaching Science in Secondary Schools 3 SH
See ED/ES 442.