WCSU Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 : Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies

ENV 100 Environmental Resources 4 SH
This course is designed to acquaint the student with the interdependence of the sciences in the natural world. Using local and regional examples, this course will show environmental management — failures and successes. This course will serve as a foundation to further study should a deeper understanding be desired. Field trips will be scheduled (3 hrs lecture — 2 hrs lab).

ENV/BIO 129 Horticulture 2 SH
See BIO/ENV 129

ENV/AST 134 Extraterrestrial Environments and Intelligence 4 SH
See AST/ENV 134 Competency: Scientific Inquiry (SI)

ENV/PHY 136 Energy 4 SH
See PHY/ENV 136 Competency: Quantitative Reasoning (QR).

ENV/MTR 162 Air Pollution Sources 4 SH
See MTR/ENV 162

ENV/CHE 205 Analytical Chemistry Lecture 3 SH
See CHE/ENV 205

ENV/CHE 206 Analytical Chemistry Laboratory 2 SH
See CHE/ENV 206

ENV/SS 250 Society and the Environment 3 SH
Solutions to environmental problems will have to come from analysis and understanding of historical trends and currently competing forces within the social system. The international aspects of the problems will be stressed. Lectures and field trips. Not open to freshmen. Offered periodically.

The following courses also have been approved and are offered periodically:
ENV/BIO 126 Animals and Their Environments
ENV/GEO 150 Urban Environment as a Human Ecological Problem
ENV/BIO 156 Biology of the Environment