WCSU Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 : Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences


LNG 317 Linguistics 3 SH
This course will introduce students to the theoretical areas of phonetics, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, language variation, language acquisition, etc. Students will learn what language is and how we achieve meaning in language. They will learn the standard linguistics analyses useful for both spoken and written language. Prerequisite: Successful completion of two writing intensive courses above the 100-level or permission of the instructor. This course is highly recommended for education majors.

LNG 319 History of the English Language 3 SH
This course is designed to provide an understanding of the origin and growth of the English language. Students will study in depth the various influences, namely, political, religious, trade, etc., that the English language had to accommodate over the years. The course will also examine the ongoing changes in the phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics of the English language. Highly recommended for education majors who will be teaching writing. Prerequisite: Successful completion of one writing-intensive course or permission of the instructor.

LNG 320 Modern English Grammar 3 SH
All professional writing fields expect entry-level employees to have much more than a passing understanding of grammar. In this course, students will gain a complete and thorough understanding of the structure of modern English grammar and problems associated with usage. This is not a review course, but rather an advanced course that fully equips students to work in a variety of professional settings. Prerequisite: WRT 101 or appropriate placement. Highly recommended for majors in all departments.