WCSU Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 : Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences


PHY 103 Fundamentals of Physics 4 SH
This course provides knowledge of the basic principles of physics for students who have had no previous experience in physics. Students successfully completing this course can take PHY 110 or PHY 120 with better preparation (3 hrs lecture, 2 hrs lab). Prerequisite: a high-school science course and MAT 100 or appropriate math placement score.

PHY 110, 111 General Physics I & II (Calculus) 4 SH each
This standard introductory physics course is designed for science and engineering students and uses calculus, vector analysis and scientific notation throughout the presentation. PHY 110 includes the study of mechanics, thermodynamics, hydrostatics and sound. PHY 111 includes electricity, magnetism, optics, atomic and nuclear physics. PHY 110 – every fall semester; PHY 111 – every spring semester. Prerequisite: for PHY 110: MAT 182 and a “C” grade or better in PHY 103 or on a placement examination. For PHY 111: PHY 110. (3 hrs lecture, 3 hrs laboratory)

PHY 120, 121 General Physics I & II (Non-Calculus) 4 SH each
A general physics course appropriate for students majoring in life science, pre-medicine and other related disciplines; uses vector analysis, significant figures and scientific notation throughout the presentation. The course gives in-depth presentation of the traditional general physics material with examples of physical principles from the life sciences and daily living. PHY 120 – every fall semester; PHY 121 – every spring semester (3 hrs lecture, 3 hrs laboratory). Prerequisite: for PHY 120: MAT 100 and a “C” grade or better in PHY 103 or in a placement examination. For PHY 121: PHY 120.

PHY/ENV 136 Energy 4 SH
This course will investigate present and possible future energy sources, and discuss man’s use and misuse of the different forms of energy and the effects of these energy uses on society (3 hrs lecture, 2 hrs laboratory). Competency: Quantitative Reasoning. Competency: Quantitative Reasoning (QR).

PHY 170 Concepts of Electronics 4 SH
This is a first course in electronics for students with no prior knowledge of electricity or of electronics. It is a hands-on course in which the student learns to identify the components of various circuits and how to construct and test the circuits. Solid state devices, integrated circuits and digital electronic circuits are included. Only elementary mathematics is used (2 hrs lecture, two 2-hr laboratory) . Prerequisite: MAT 100 or equivalent. Competency: Scientific Inquiry (SI).

PHY 171 Introduction to Digital Electronics 4 SH
This course is an introduction to electronic circuits for digital applications. It provides hands-on experience with the building blocks of common digital circuits (logic gates, integrated circuits, registers and shift registers, clocks, etc.) and their applications for combinational logic, memories, analog to digital conversion, etc. Spring semester (2 hrs lecture, two 2-hr laboratory). Prerequisite: MAT 133 or equivalent.

PHY 298 Faculty Developed Study 1–6 SH

PHY 299 Student Developed Study 1–6 SH
Student can repeat with different topic.

PHY 390 Advanced Topics 4 SH
Student can repeat with different topic.

PHY 450 Senior Research 4 SH
Student can repeat with different topic.