WCSU Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 : Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

Women’s Studies

WS 200 Introduction to Women’s Studies 3 SH
The course is an introduction to a broad variety of scholarship on women throughout the world via concepts such as sex, gender, roles, sexuality, and power through foundational theories in the Women’s Studies field. The course examines women’s lives through lenses of history, race, class, ethnicity, and their intersections, particularly as they have affected women’s lives in context such as work, welfare, family, relationships, media, violence, reproductive and civil rights, communication, health, and literature. Competency: Critical Thinking (CT), Intercultural (IC).

WS/HIS 210 Women in American History 3 SH
See HIS/WS 210 Competency: Critical Thinking.

WS/COM 211 Women, Language and Communication 3 SH
See COM/WS 211

WS/PSY 217 Psychology of Women 3 SH
See PSY/WS 217

WS/ANT 236 Culture, Sex & Gender 3 SH
See ANT/WS 236

WS/PHI 260 Philosophy of Women and Gender 3 SH
See PHI/WS 260 Competency: Critical Thinking (CT), Writing Intensive Tier 2 (W2).

WS/JLA 301 Women and Criminal Justice 3 SH
See JLA/WS 301

WS/HIS 319 Women in Medieval and Early Modern Europe 3 SH
This class will focus on the history of women during the medieval and the early modern period, from roughly the 9th until the 16th centuries. Discussion begins with understanding medieval and early modern categories of women in European culture: mystics, queens, witches, authors, nuns, mothers, etc. Then the course examines the lives of specific women who may or may not conform to the expectations of these categories of women. Course discussion also focuses on the origins and persistence of gender stereotyping throughout these periods and debate over their continued relevance. Prerequisite: Junior standing or written permission of the instructor. Competency: Intercultural (IC), Oral Communication (OC).

WS/ANT 321 Gender and Globalization 3 SH
See ANT/WS 321

WS/ENG 334 Women Writers 3 SH
See ENG/WS 334

WS 339/PHI 339 Women in the History of Philosophy 3 SH
See PHI/WS 339 Competency: Culminating Experience (CE), Writing Intensive Tier 3 (W3).

WS/PS 340 Gender, Justice, and the State 3 SH
See WS 340/PS 340 Competency: Information Literacy (IL), Writing Intensive Tier 2 (W2).

WS/ANT/SOC 352 Women and Gender in the Middle East 3 SH
This course will explore the complex and multi-layered processes and dimensions, including texts, cultural values and practices, institutions and events which have shaped, and continue to shape, gendered experience in the Middle East. We will consider these processes in their historical context focusing mainly on the contemporary Middle East. Prerequisite: ANT 100 or SOC 100 or WS 100 or permission of instructor. Competency: Intercultural (IC).

The following courses also have been approved and are offered periodically:
WS/ECO 327 Economics of Gender
WS/NUR 250 Women’s Health Issues
WS/ANT 314 Native Peoples of the Southwest: Women, Spirituality and Power
WS/HIS 320 Women and Leadership