WCSU Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022 : School of Professional Studies

School of Professional Studies

School of Professional Studies

Interim Dean: Joan Palladino, Ed.D.
White Hall 123, Midtown Campus
(203) 837-9500
(203) 837-8526 (fax)

Associate Dean: Maryann Rossi, Ph.D.
White Hall 121, Midtown Campus
(203) 837-8950
(203) 837-8526 (fax)

Administrative Assistant: Beth Koschel

White Hall 123, Midtown Campus
(203) 837-8576
(203) 837-8526 (fax)



Education & Educational Psychology
Chair: Katherine Roe, PH.D.
WH 321A
(203) 837-3263
(203) 837-8413 (fax)

Health Promotion & Exercise Sciences
Chair: Robyn Housemann, Ph.D.
Berkshire Hall 230b, Midtown Campus
(203) 837-8882
(203) 837-8638 (fax)
Associate Chair: Emily Stevens, Ph.D.
Berkshire 230e, Midtown campus
(203) 837-3903
(203) 837-8638 (fax)

Chair: Jeanette Lupinacci, Ed.D. 
White Hall 107a, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8570
(203) 837-8550 (fax)

Social Work
Chair: Karen McLean, Ph.D.
White Hall 101A, Midtown campus
(203) 837-8937
(203) 837-8945 (fax)

Mission and Objectives

The School of Professional Studies is recognized for its unique and dynamic educational, applied research, and community service components and is the principal center for the professional studies of education preparation, nursing, health promotion, and social work for the western region of Connecticut. To achieve this mission, the School of Professional Studies will:

  • Provide excellence and access to undergraduate and graduate education in professional studies that is built on a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences and that values open communication, creative and critical inquiry, the expansion of evidence-based experiential learning practice and the role of technology in professional practice, and teaching;
  • Serve students who reflect the full diversity of the western region of Connecticut, and who will upon graduation serve professionally as culturally competent advocates, active in the provision of professional services to the people in the western region of Connecticut;
  • Contribute to the quality and scope of liberal arts and sciences education at WCSU by offering courses appropriate for all students as well as through interdisciplinary, collaborative educational efforts with other units within the university;
  • Contribute to the body of knowledge of the professions through research and scholarly activities of the faculty, and introduce students to research methods and practice;
  • Contribute to the enrichment and leadership of the professional communities, and serve the professional and lay communities in a variety of ways including partnerships in the development of policies, research, community assessment, and development in the professional studies;
  • Commit to the challenge of life-long learning in response to changes in the professions by offering continuing education for alumni, practicing professionals, and the lay community.

Degree and Related Programs

The School of Professional Studies offers the following undergraduate professional degrees and programs in education preparation, nursing, health promotion and social work.

Undergraduate Degree Programs

B.S. Elementary Education
Interdisciplinary Major

B.S. Secondary Education (7-12)
Earth Science

B.S. Health Education (PK-12)

B.S. Health Promotion Studies
Allied Health Professions
Community Health
Holistic & Integrative Health
Wellness Management

B.S. Nursing

B.S. Nursing – Registered Nursing Program

B.A. Social Work


Please refer to the department area in this catalog for specific admission procedures and requirements, or contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (203) 837-9000.