WCSU Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2023 : School of Visual and Performing Arts

School of Visual and Performing Arts


Dean: Brian Vernon, M.F.A.
VPA 104A, Westside campus
(203) 837-8851

Administrative Assistant: Jolee Dinho-Guerreiro
VPA 104, Westside Campus
(203) 837-3222
(203) 837-3223 (fax)


Chair: Kenneth Scaglia, M.F.A. 
VPA 150D, Westside campus
(203) 837-3975
(203) 837-8031 (fax)

Chair: Laurel Larsen, D. M. A.
VPA 218B, Westside campus
(203) 837-8353
(203) 837-8630 (fax)

Associate Chair: Jamie Begian
VPAC 310, Westside campus
(203) 837-8637

Theatre Arts
Chair: Justin Cowan, D.M.A.
VPAC 017, Westside campus
(203) 837-8476
(203) 837-8912 (fax)

Associate Chair: Joni Lerner, M.F.A.
VPA 236, Westside campus
(203) 837-3984

Mission Statement

The mission of The School of Visual and Performing Arts at Western Connecticut State University is to advance knowledge, to promote intellectual inquiry, and to cultivate creativity among faculty and students through teaching, research, scholarship, artistry, and public performance.

The school provides its students with a superior arts education, fosters excellence in creative research and discovery, nurtures ethical and moral decision-making and leadership, and contributes to the cultural enrichment of the state and region.

Moreover, the arts in the general education of all students at WCSU provide special modes of thinking unavailable in other disciplines. By transcending previous historical, mathematical and verbal constructs and conventions, the arts involve unique ways of knowing, understanding, expressing and creating — each of which contributes to human achievement and a deeper shared experience.


  1. To offer the highest quality educational, pre-professional, and professional programming within a liberal arts environment;
  2. To utilize fully the regional advantage of our proximity to New York City and other artistic centers in the Northeast, including access to outstanding faculty, guest artists and resources;
  3. To recruit the highest quality students in the arts disciplines with special emphasis on students from Connecticut;
  4. To fulfill the role of the designated “Center for the Arts” of the Connecticut State University System;
  5. To attract major funding for student scholarships, student and faculty programming, and endowed faculty chairs;
  6. To enhance the cultural life and image of the university;
  7. To enhance the cultural life and image of the state and region; and
  8. To provide significant experiences in the arts for students in all academic programs across the university.


The School of Visual and Performing Arts offers the following undergraduate degrees and programs:

Undergraduate Degree Programs

B.A. Art
Graphic Design
Studio Art

B.A. Music

B.M. Music
Audio and Music Production
Jazz Studies
Performance: Vocal and Instrumental

B.S. Music Education (PK-12)

B.F.A. Musical Theatre

B.A. Theatre Arts
Theatre Arts Management
Drama Studies

In addition to the undergraduate degree programs listed, the M.F.A. in Visual Arts and the M.S. in Music Education are offered. Please see the current WCSU Graduate Catalog for detailed information.


Degree program in music and musical theatre require auditions for admission for all prospective students, including transfer students. Degree programs in art require portfolio review of transfer applicants. Please refer to the department area in this catalog for specific admission procedures and requirements, or contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (203) 837-9000.

Admissions requirements can also be found online.