Undergraduate Catalog 14-16 : Ancell School of Business

Management Information Systems

Management Information Systems

MIS 155 Business Information Technology 3 SH
This course emphasizes an understanding and use of information technology in business organizations. Topics include: interactions with operating systems; fundamentals of electronic mail; and introductions to presentation tools, word processing, spreadsheets, database management systems, the Internet, and time scheduling/management applications.

MIS 260 Information Systems Concepts 3 SH
This course provides students with the information systems fundamentals necessary to operate effectively in a computerized business environment. The course provides an overview of the components, operations, and roles of information systems in business environments. Major concepts and recent developments in computer hardware, software, telecommunications, and database management technologies are presented, and the strategic, global, and ethical dimensions of information systems are discussed.

An introduction to COBOL programming and its use in solving common business-oriented data processing problems. Prerequisite: MIS 260.

Advanced elements of COBOL programming are covered in depth, including file processing, table handling, subprogramming and database concepts. Prerequisite: MIS 280.

MIS 298 Faculty Developed Study 1–6 SH

MIS 299 Student Developed Study 1–6 SH

MIS 300 Data Analysis and Integration Software 3 SH
This course is designed to give the student experience in using integrated software in a business environment. The emphasis will be on gaining experience developing and writing integrated software technology. Prerequisite: MIS 260.

MIS 301 Database Applications in Business 3 SH
This course is designed to give the student experience in using database software in a business environment. The course will focus on the microcomputer environment, utilizing software such as Access. The emphasis will be on gaining experience in developing and writing database programs in accounting, personnel, inventory, purchasing and many other business applications. Prerequisite: MIS 260 or permission of instructor.

MIS 307 Social Media in Business 3SH
This course presents concepts and principles related to business models supported by the use of social media. Through a combination of readings, discussions, presentations and writings, we will examine the use of social media in business, its current capabilities, and future directions.

MIS 311 Business Models 3 SH
An introduction to business and industrial planning and decision making through the use of computer simulations and modeling. A case study approach will be used. Prerequisite: FIN 230 and MIS 260.

MIS/JLA 341 Information Systems Security 3 SH
This course addresses both the behavioral and technological issues of information systems security. Topics include: physical protection, hardware and software controls, encryption techniques, network and telecommunications security, microcomputer security, viruses, computer security legislation, contingency planning and disaster recovery. Prerequisite: CS 140 or CS 143 or CS 170 or MIS 260.

MIS 345 Selected Topics in Business 3 SH
An examination of an issue, problem, field, methodology, or other subject currently emerging in the business administration literature. The specific topic will be announced at the time of offering. Prerequisite: permission of the instructor.

MIS 361 Information Assurance 3 SH
This course examines both offensive and defensive information security practices using scenarios and case studies. Topics include: social engineering, corporate espionage, destruction and modification of data, control and disruption of information flow, electromagnetic signal interception, denial of service, cryptography, authentication methods, access controls, firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and risk assessment. Prerequisite: MIS/JLA 341.

MIS 385 Fundamentals of Data Communications 3 SH
The course is intended for the student who has a basic understanding of MIS and the need to complement this background with a fundamental knowledge of data communications. The course focuses on understanding the alternatives in hardware, software and transmission facilities, putting that understanding to work by making informed decisions, and integrating and implementing these decisions into a cohesive data communication system design. Prerequisite: MIS 260.

MIS 386 Decision Support Systems 3 SH
An analysis of the highest level of information support systems which serve the manager user. These systems provide quantitative-based information derived from one or more databases within and/or external to an organization and are used to aid managers in the decision making process. Theoretical concepts will be applied to real-world applications with an analysis of examples from specific organizations. Prerequisite: MIS 260.

MIS 389 Information Systems Hardware 3 SH
This course is intended to expose students to the hardware side of MIS. Hardware technology is currently several generations ahead of the software industry. As a result, a good foundation in hardware, as it relates to supplying current and future business solutions, is essential to the well-rounded MIS professional. Students will engage in hands-on activities related to hardware. Current hardware technology, its history, and its future will be discussed. Discussion of costs and planning for expansion will all be covered, as well as issues such as upgrade vs. replacement and total cost of ownership. How to stay current with hardware will also be covered. Prerequisite: MIS 260.

MIS 405 Business Applications Using Microcomputers 3 SH
This course presents commonly used microcomputer software packages as a tool for the business user. Packages, including spreadsheets and database software, will span the business disciplines, including marketing, finance, accounting, employee relations and manufacturing. A review of BASIC programming language topics, necessary for these applications, is included. Prerequisite: ACC 201, MIS 260 and senior standing.

MIS 475 Management of Information Systems and Information Technology 3 SH
This course integrates the managerial, technical, strategic planning, control concepts and techniques necessary for the management of information systems and information technology in MIS organizations. This course links the technical knowledge, concepts and tools covered in the MIS courses with the relevant organizational and managerial considerations emphasized in the other disciplines. The systems approach will be emphasized. The informational needs of various organizational functions are integrated with information systems through the information system’s master plan. Administration and policy are applied to the specific areas of information systems management. The role of IS management in the development of computer-based information systems is also covered. Prerequisite: MIS 260, one MIS elective, senior standing and GPA 2.3 or higher.

MIS 481 Management Information Systems 3 SH
This course provides students with the information systems fundamentals necessary to do systems analysis and design. The course provides an overview of the components of systems analysis and design in business environments and the effects of business processes on the systems. Students will do a system study including studying an old system and documenting a new or revised version of the old system. Students will be required to present their new system proposal. Fall semester. Prerequisite: MIS 280 and 260 or equivalent and GPA 2.3 or higher.

MIS 495 Seminar in Management Information Systems 3 SH
The seminar is the capstone course for the computer systems analysis in business concentration. The systems approach is used to integrate systems theory, the organization and system and the role of the total systems approach encompassing the entire organization. The course covers the techniques for the use of computers in both decision making and information processing. Spring semester. Prerequisite: MIS 481, senior standing and GPA 2.3 or higher.

The following courses also have been approved and are offered periodically:
MIS 302 Management Control Systems
MIS 320 Systems Simulation