WCSU Undergraduate Catalog 2018-19

Digital Interactive Media

Digital Interactive Media

DIMA/CS 100 Introduction to Digital Interactive Media 3 SH
This course is an introduction in the use of text, sound, and graphical image as a platform for interactive digital experiences. Students will explore how digital technology is a conduit for relating with the self, each other, and society at large. Areas of discussion include digital identity, social media, automated text, sound-based storytelling, graphical space as well as various forms of digital interaction. Students will produce multiple projects, including zines, twitter bots, podcasts, and computer-generated graphics. The course will culminate with a concept driven final project.

DIMA 200 Storytelling for Digital and Interactive Media  3 SH
This course examines and applies foundations of design for new media technology and visual communications. Students will learn the creative process in digital imaging and interactive multimedia, such as linear vs. nonlinear storytelling, storyboarding, two-dimensional & three-dimensional imaging, color theory, lighting effects, web design, editing, and digital film/video. Emphasis will also be placed on concept development and pre-production, and learning the vernacular language in the digital media industry. Prerequisite: DIMA/CS 100 and COM 146.

DIMA/CS 300 Digital and Interactive Technologies 3 SH
In order to create and produce interactive digital media more effectively, it is important to have some understanding of various hardware and software tools. In this course, you will be asked to design and produce various interactive digital media products in a collaborative, hands-on environment. Through these exercises, you will become more familiar with not only how these tools can be used, but more importantly how they implement various functions. Tools to be explored may include graphics design software, image processing software, sound editors, as well as various input devices. Prerequisite: CS110 or CS135 or CS140 or CS143.

DIMA/CS 400  Senior Project and Presentation 3 SH
Students will develop a portfolio or final project with the help of a faculty adviser that demonstrates their expertise in interactive digital media. Emphasis will be placed on information and media acquisition, critical thinking, writing and presentational skills. Prerequisite: DIMA/CS 100, DIMA 200, DIMA/CS 300; Senior DIMA majors in good academic standing.