WCSU Undergraduate Catalog 2018-19 : Macricostas School of Arts & Sciences

African-American Studies

African-American Studies

AAS 100 The Black Experience in America 3 SH
This is an interdisciplinary course that examines major historical and contemporary conditions that have contributed to shaping the experiences of black people in America. The course utilizes a variety of original source material in history, literature, art, music, film, sociology and politics in order to understand the thinking of and reaction to African-Americans over nearly 400 years.

AAS/NWC 109 Equatorial African Cultures 3 SH
See NWC/AAS 109.

AAS/NWC 113 Southern African Cultures 3 SH
See NWC/AAS 113.

AAS/ANT/SOC 212 Peoples & Cultures of Africa 3 SH
See ANT/AAS/SOC 212.

The following courses also have been approved and are offered periodically: 
AAS/HIS 219 African-American History and Culture
AAS/GEO 251 Africa: A Regional Study
AAS/HIS 284 Africa: From Antiquity to Colonialism
AAS/HIS 285 Modern Africa
AAS 350 Topics in African-American Studies