WCSU Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2022 : Ancell School of Business


MKT 101 Orientation to the Ancell Undergraduate Business Program 1 SH
The purpose of this course is to familiarize business students with their learning environment at the Ancell School and WCSU. Students will also be oriented to the topics and techniques in the Ancell business program and be provided with perspectives for career development. Prerequisite: Freshman (less than 30 credits) in a Business program. Competency: First Year Navigation (FY).

MKT 200 Principles of Marketing 3 SH
 Marketing is a critical function in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Marketing is also a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering goods, services, experiences and ideas that provide value to customers and managing relationships with these customers in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. This course provides students with an understanding of Marketing processes and their role and impact within the individual organization, society and the global economy. This course introduces students to specific Marketing functions such as Marketing research, advertising, public relations, personal selling, product development, use of social media tools, distribution and pricing.  Prerequisite: Sophomore standing (30 credits), COM 160 or 161 or 163.

MKT 297 Marketing Internship

MKT 298 Faculty Developed Study 1 – 6 SH

MKT 305 Global Environment of Business 3 SH

The aim of this course is to equip students with the tools, concepts, terminology to explore and comprehend business practices in an international business milieu. Additionally, the course is designed to assist students to learn the scope and opportunities and challenges of international business, the dynamic environment of global trade, the culture, political, legal, and systems of international markets, and methods to develop international business strategies and programs. Further, the course examines broader global issues such as ethics, corporate social responsibility, sustainability, disproportionate consumption levels, human rights and emerging opportunities and challenges in emerging and established markets. As stated, this course is open to all undergraduate students. Prerequisite: GPA 2.3 or higher; Junior standing; MKT 200 (formerly MKT 301), MGT 250 and FIN 310.  Competency: Intercultural (IC).

MKT 310 Consumer Behavior: Concepts, Research Methods and Applications 4 SH
This course takes an empirical approach to the study of Consumer Behavior. Concepts and research methods from marketing and the social and behavioral sciences are applied to describing and understanding consumer decision processes in the context of the global marketplace and relevant technology. Students will examine how marketers use consumer data to make decisions about product development, service, promotion, pricing and distribution channels. This course provides students with an opportunity to explore and apply concepts from the perspectives of the marketer, the consumer and society in general.  Prerequisite: Junior standing (60 credits), MKT 200, PSY 100, WRT 210W and FIN 230 (or another basic statistics course) and GPA 2.3 or higher.

MKT 315 Integrated Marketing Communications: Advertising and Social Media Marketing  4 SH
The advertising portion of the course focuses mass advertising, but also includes sales promotion, public relations, event marketing, and interactive communications on the Internet. The social network marketing portion covers communication with target audiences via the utilization of various social media networks.  We examine the analysis and integration of marketing communications elements in campaign and media planning. The course contains a significant quantitative/accountability component. Prerequisite: Junior standing (60 credits) and MKT 200 and GPA 2.3 or higher.

MKT 327 Direct/Interactive Marketing 3 SH
Direct marketing is also known as interactive marketing, database marketing and direct response marketing. New technologies such as mobile communication devices, interactive television, and new Internet applications are fueling its growth. This introductory course for the interactive marketing option uses applications for the theories and fundamentals of marketing and direct marketing.  Prerequisite: Junior standing (60 credits) and MKT 200 and GPA 2.3 or higher.

MKT 333 Sales Management 3 SH
This course examines the selling process from a managerial perspective. The course stresses the importance of knowing the company and its products as well as the selling environment and customer in both domestic and international contexts. Additionally, the issues involved in managing a sales force are addressed. These include sales planning, forecasting, recruitment, selection, training and compensation of sales people and integration with other elements of the marketing mix. The course has therefore been designed to not only teach core concepts and skills; but also lead students to encounter and reflect upon the critical issues facing today’s sales managers. Prerequisite: Junior standing (60 credits) and MKT 200 and GPA 2.3 or higher.

MKT 380 Customer Relationship Management and Database Marketing 3 SH 
Customer relationship management is a customer-centric strategy and process to optimize revenues and profits while increasing the value of an organization’s offering to customers. This course examines the theory and concepts of CRM and the implementation of CRM programs. In particular the use of databases for maintaining measurable, mutually beneficial relationships with customers is examined. The course will focus on how database strategy, database technologies and analysis techniques support marketing and enterprise-wide CRM programs. This course also examines global, ethical and social issues in CRM and marketing database development. Prerequisite: MKT 200, MIS 260 and FIN 230 or MAT 120, or another statistics course by permission of the Department Chair; Junior standing (60 credits); GPA 2.3 or higher.

MKT 398 Faculty Developed Study 3 SH
Prerequisite: MKT 200 and GPA 2.3 or higher.

MKT 399 Student Developed Study 1–6 SH
Prerequisite: MKT 200 and GPA 2.3 or higher.

MKT 411 E-commerce & Internet Marketing 3 SH
The internet is a major medium for marketing professionals to achieve organizational objectives. Businesses in both the consumer and business markets develop online marketing strategies to acquire new customers and maintain relationships with existing customers. This course examines the commercial use of the Internet and analyzes this use in the context of marketing strategy, consumer behavior, advertising, customer service and other business concerns. Topics include the development of effective communications and marketing strategies, website development approaches, content strategies, social media, web analytics, search engine marketing, privacy, security, legal global and political issues, social implications, and ethical concerns. Prerequisite: MIS 260, MKT 301, Junior standing (60 credits) and GPA 2.3 or higher.

MKT 415 Marketing Research: Methods and Applications 4 SH
The main goal of the marketing research course is to equip students with the key concepts and tools of marketing research and to help students to understand how marketing research assists managerial decision-making and to solve real-life business problems. The marketing research course is designed to provide students with an overview of marketing research in terms of needs, definition, process including using qualitative and quantitative data collection methods, analysis, and reporting. New technologies, global trends and ethical issues in marketing research are also examined. Prerequisite: Senior Standing (90 credits); MKT 200, MKT 310, FIN 230 (or another basic statistics course); GPA 2.3 or higher.

MKT 422 Global Marketing 3 SH
The aim of this course is to equip students with the tools, tenets, and concepts to explore global opportunities and to improve their abilities to assess and solve global market challenges.  The focus will be placed upon the global marketing manager’s role in the development and implementation of marketing plans for a variety of markets with diverse cultural, social, economic, and political/legal systems; along with an emphasis on technological and ethical aspects of global marketing. Students will gain a global perspective of marketing various goods and services in both the consumer and business-to-business markets.  Using a marketing planning model, students will examine global marketing situations, objectives, strategies and marketing programs for both large and small businesses. Prerequisite: Senior standing (90 credits), MKT 200 and MKT 310; GPA 2.3 or higher.

MKT 490 Marketing Management: Analysis, Planning & Implementation 4 SH
This is the capstone course for all marketing majors and serves to consolidate and strengthen the student’s knowledge of marketing processes and practices. The marketing planning process is the foundation for the course and students will apply planning processes and practices to situations in real organizations. The course will cover strategy development through to program implementation and control. Emphasis will be placed on the collection, analysis and proper utilization of marketing data. Various types of marketing organizations in both consumer and business markets will be examined including those in direct/interactive marketing, service industries and multi-channel marketers. The course will also examine global, societal and ethical issues and the role of marketing in not-for-profit organizations. Prerequisite: Department permission is required to register in this course. MKT 490 must be taken after all other marketing courses required for the completion of the marketing degree or concurrently with the completion of the remaining marketing courses in the marketing major. Students must also have a GPA 2.3 or higher upon entering the course.

The following courses also have been approved and are offered periodically:
MKT 322 Retailing Management
MKT 395 Advanced Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications
MKT 412 Product Development and Management
MKT 455 Business Marketing
MKT 480 Selected Topics in Marketing